Structural IntegratioN:

The Series Work


A few minutes into the first session, the most common thing I hear from clients is okay, this really is different! And it is. The feel of someone directly addressing your connective tissues, followed by the feel of the tissue responding and changing, is quite novel, often even to people who have tried many types of manual therapy.

Soma Structural Integration is a series of 11 unique sessions, and it is the heart of Soma bodywork. Each session releases specific layers or regions, suggests new ideas to the body, and begins opening areas to be explored more deeply in subsequent sessions. The Series Work can be viewed as a journey, with the destination being a more whole and balanced YOU!

Curious? Check out my FAQ for answers to common questions about the Series Work. Or better yet, call 253-217-6019 or email with questions, or to schedule an appointment and experience this work for yourself.


Session 1 - Getting Started

FOCUS: We work from side-lying and supine positions to free the superficial tissue surrounding the rib cage.

GOAL: Feeling of lightness and well-being, a more upright posture, and fuller, deeper breathing.


Session 2 - Toes to Knees

FOCUS: It’s all about the foundation: Lower legs and feet.

GOAL: Feeling of being firmly grounded, feet supple and responsive, increased freedom in calf muscles.


Session 3 - Sidelines

FOCUS: Side-lying session from head to toe, special attention on releasing the low back and freeing the shoulder.

GOAL: Expanded breathing, greater relaxation and more immediately available energy.


Session 4, 5 & 6 - The “Core” Sessions

FOCUS: Balance everything that pulls on the pelvis, above and below, front, sides & back.

GOAL: Better balance and freedom of movement. Walking takes a fraction of the energy typically expended.


Session 7 - Head, Neck & Face

FOCUS: Release the muscles of the neck, face and head.

GOAL: A more softened, relaxed appearance in the face, increased self-reliance and personal power.


The Arms Session

FOCUS: The arms, the movement of energy through the arms and down the back.

GOAL: Increased rotary function. Energy moving through the elbows, scapula to sacrum. Arms swing relaxed.


Sessions 8, 9 & 10

FOCUS: Integrate the whole body in a new and more efficient manner.

GOAL: Less stress and more energy as the body’s structure is better aligned with gravity.