Somassage® and Injury Treatment

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Standalone Soma Bodywork Sessions

Customized for You!


A traditional full Somassage can be 60 or 90 minutes long, and is meant to address the body as a whole to promote balance, relaxation and ease in movement. Yet the principles of Soma Structural Integration are always present, encouraging the body to incorporate the changes for more lasting results. Clients commonly use these sessions as post-series tune-up/maintenance work.

In the years since I was trained in SI and Somassage at the Soma Institute, I have studied working specifically with neurovascular tissue (primarily with Kirstin Schumaker of Agile Body SI). In addition to being able to identify and directly address specific nerve or artery restrictions, this has made all of my work more (as Kirstin calls it) “neurovascularly informed,” meaning no matter what I’m up to in any given moment, it’s impossible to NOT be aware of how nerve and/or artery tension or restrictions might be affecting the tissue.

I have also studied ScarWork with Sharon Wheeler, and can incorporate that work into any session. Sharon’s work is less about the cosmetic appearance of the scar, and more about freeing and integrating other tissue that can be “trapped” within the scar beneath the surface. It’s often amazing what a difference this simple and gentle approach can have on the body. Successful “interventions” tend to be brief and painless, and the results are permanent.