What will my sessions be like?

Upon arrival, we will handle any paperwork duties (that's mostly the first session) and payment. I will step out of the room while you disrobe down to your underwear (and tube top or bra for women). I may ask you to stand while I do a brief body reading, either before or after you disrobe; this is also your time to check into your body and sense how everything is feeling. I may also ask you to walk a little and observe your gait, depending on what we're working on. Then, we'll get you on the table and get started. I will often ask you to stand up and sense your body halfway through the session, to help you become aware of changes that are happening. Creating awareness of changes helps them last!

When the session is complete, I may teach you some movements/exercises that go along with the session. We may do this right next to the table, or I may ask you to get dressed so we can move out into the studio, depending on how much room is needed. Either way, I'll have stepped out of the room while you dress.

Clients who go through the series work may also choose to see the changes we produce together using photographs. I'll take some snapshots of your body (front, side & back) before Session 1, and then another set after Session 10, so you can see for yourself how your body has changed.

Carli Herrs