Before and After Photos? Really?

There is an old SI tradition of ending your series by viewing snapshots of your body from before session 1 and after session 10. And yes, the photos are taken while you’re in your undies.

Obviously, this weird for many people. A decent-sized percentage of my SI colleagues have dropped this from their practices altogether, for varied and good reasons. Having your photographs taken like this is uncomfortable at best, privacy concerns come up, few of us enjoy seeing ourselves in such photos, and last but not least the changes can look subtle and maybe even disappointing to the untrained eye.

The argument for taking them is that it’s another way for you to see how your structure has changed, which means it’s another chance for your system to recognize and embody those changes more deeply. And there are many of us that actually find it fun to see what happened. I have in fact had clients ask for copies of their photos to keep for themselves, or show to their spouses or friends. And while I have unfortunately experienced a few kinda downer series endings due to non-spectacular results, which honestly did make me consider dropping it, I’ve just had too many clients have an extremely positive experience with the pictures to stop offering the option!

The photos are 100% for you, not me, so whether we take them is entirely your choice. I use BodyAlignPro for photo storage, a secure and HIPAA-compliant app that was developed by one of my fellow SI practitioners. At the end of your series we view the photos with no expectation or judgement, in the “let’s see what we see” spirit.

Carli Herrs