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NVR Clinic (Half Day)

NVR 1/2 Day Clinic

As you may have discovered in your practice, sometimes comprehensive work for one region of the body brings up a need for work elsewhere! To help you feel more settled and integrated in your own body, and to give you a chance to observe this work in its real life application, we will be holding a clinic and observation day the day after NVR-SI Part 3, Tuesday December 10.

For this optional fourth day of class, you may sign up to attend either the morning (8:30-12:00) or the afternoon (1:30-5:00). Each participant will receive a session with Kirstin, which will be about 40 minutes to an hour long and will be followed by Q&A. Her goal will be to address each person’s particular current or historical complaint, while keeping in mind their overall postural pattern. In so doing, Kirstin aims to demonstrate something important: The temptation for us as practitioners is to turn our attention first to the symptoms, but sometimes that is not the best place to begin! She will explain her reasoning and findings while she works. If space is available, you may choose to attend the whole day. Price is $120.

Please contact Carli to reserve your spot, specify AM or PM and we will handle payment on the day of the class. No online registration.